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Privacy & ExpressionEvidence & ActionTactical Studios

On and offline resources to help you use digital tools safely and effectively. Created with Creative Commons Licenses to encourage sharing and translation.

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Privacy and Expression

Advice and tools to help you protect your online privacy.

May 2012

Tools and Tactics for your digital security

Arabic, Armenian, English, Farsi, French, Indonesian, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese

Written for and in collaboration with environmental rights defenders in sub-Saharan Africa

September 2014

Digital Security Tools and Tactics for the LGBTI community in sub-Saharan Africa is the second in our series of Security in-a-box Community Focus guides, wh

August 2014

Cards to raise awareness around digital security: print out and share.

Arabic, English, French

Evidence and Action

Our book exploring how to influence issues using information, design, technologies and networks.

October 2013

The name pretty much says it all. An online toolkit for women's rights defenders.

December 2013

Inspirational info-activism case studies from around the world.

May 2012

Explore the issue of E-waste in Delhi

May 2012

The Info-Activism How-To Guide brings together info-activism strategies, digital tools and case studies from around the world.

May 2013

Tools, inspiration and advice on visualising data for advocacy and campaigning.

December 2012

Guide to using maps in advocacy.

February 2010
English, Russian

Learn how to work effectively and creatively with data.

January 2013