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Evidence and Action
Toolkits and guides

What happens when information and digital technologies combine to create social change? We call it info-activism. Tactical Tech have created films and online resources to help advocates explore tactics and case studies from around the world, choose the right tools for their campaigns and understand the basics of campaigning.

In 2009 we made 10 Tactics for Turning Information into Action: a 50-minute film and on- and offline toolkit documenting inspiring info-activism stories.

Out of the 10 Tactics project came two new initiatives: 10 Tactics Remixed and 10 Tactics Unstitched.

10 Tactics Remixed brings together snapshots of information-activism, featuring stories of how citizens have reacted to and challenged institutional power from the ground up. 

Three key themes are covered: Exposing the Ridiculous, Exploring the Truth and Mobilising for Action.

  • Exposing the Ridiculous is about remixing of popular culture: exploring how activists have challenged and reframed what it means to be political -- through humour, irony and satire.
  • Exploring the truth looks at how corruption, doublespeak and abuses of public office have been exposed through the skillful sharing and collating of data.
  • Mobilising for Action looks at social media, and takes on difficult questions about the dynamics of information flow. 

10 Tactics Unstitched was created to help people run their own info-activism trainings. Browse, download and remix stories, images and videos of more than 50 inspiring examples of info-activism from around the world – filtered by tool, country or issue. The examples are tied to the Campaign Basics cards, which include tools and tips for you to plan your own campaign and hands-on group activities which can easily be integrated into trainings.

The Unstitched website is available in English and Arabic, with new material from the Middle East.