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Visualising Information for Advocacy

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A good campaign is like a good joke. A joke's effectiveness relies on the use of the right words, good timing, convincing delivery and a strong punch-line delivered to the right person in the right way. When visualising information for advocacy these are the factors we need to consider.

Tactical Tech has written a book, Visualising Information for Advocacy, exploring how to influence issues using the right combination of information, design, technologies and networks. Through over 60 examples of visual information campaigns from around the world we show how they capture attention, present stories and take us on journeys through data.

Buy your own copy of the book here. Or if you work for a non-governmental organisation and use data, design and technology for advocacy then we will give you a free copy of the book. In return we ask that you promote the book in your community through an event, a blog post or a book review. Fill in the form to get a free copy of Visualising Information for Advocacy.