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About Evidence & Action

The Evidence & Action programme helps rights advocates use information strategically and creatively in their campaigning. We aim to inspire innovative campaigns and provide practical support for collecting, investigating and curating evidence for advocacy. We do this through project partnerships, trainings and developing and distributing resources.

People around the world are using digital tools and visualisation techniques to expose injustice and abuse, creating subversive narratives to challenge the status quo and mobilising for action. We call the strategic, safe and creative use of digital tools and information in campaigning information activism. Our information activism projects include:

The information we want to communicate is buried in long reports full of professional jargon and statistics, overlooked in an endless stream of media releases or over-simplified in advertising-style campaigns. The challenge we face is how to give the right people the right information in the best possible way. Visual techniques such as mapping and information design are powerful ways to communicate. But using these techniques is difficult: the challenge is learning how to make information and data central to the narrative of a campaign. We help activists and rights advocates make sense of data, focus its use on their issue, and produce compelling visualisations which strengthen their campaigns. We help build core skills for rights advocates and activist communities around the world through:

  • Our data visualisation resources on Drawing by Numbers and a 'Gentle Introduction to Data Cleaning' for the Open Knowledge Foundation's School of Data 
  • Our Data & Design Notes present a practical and critical approach to what it means to actually work with data and the visual in advocacy. These notes  discuss practical tips and opportunities such as Freedom of Information requests, to critical perspectives on navigating the hype and buzz around data and how to make it work for your campaign.

Where we've been in 2013

Personal Democracy Forum, February 1-2, Warsaw
Open Data Camp, March 2-3, Bangalore
Energize, Polarize, Mobilize! Human Rights, Participation, Activism, Internet. March 22-24, Berlin
Mekong ICT Camp, May 6-10, Cha-am, Thailand
Re:publica, May 6-8, Berlin
Point, May 23-26, Sarajevo
Eyeo Festival, June 6-8, Minneapolis
Central European University Summer School, July 16-17, Budapest
Open Knowledge Conference, September 16-18, Geneva

Where we're going to be in 2013

Open for Change, October 10-11, Rotterdam
Open Development Camp, November 7-8, Amsterdam
Community Boost_r, November 7-8, Sarajevo