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Exposing the Invisible

Evidence and Action

Our Currency Is Information
The first film is about "following the money". The film looks at some investigative cases in Eastern Europe and Azerbaijan, looking into organised crime and how it functions.

From My Point of View
The second episode documents the investigative stories of three different people. In each case, their investigations started with a personal question or an attempt to look at a problem from an unexplored angle. Their focal areas range from Syria's 'YouTube Conflict', to urban land grabbing in Lebanon, and home demolitions in East Jerusalem.

Unseen War
The third and final film changes the angle slightly, and explores the subject of invisibility -- both physical, moral and political -- in the context of US drone strikes in Pakistan.

Through early 2014, we will be holding a series of global screenings of the film, of all shapes and sizes. If you don't see one happening in your neighbourhood, get in touch at eti(at) to find out how you can organise your own screenings, and get your hands on some freebies at the same time!