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Daily Beast selects Me and My Shadow in 'Pick of the web' for their BEASTBEST awards

Beast Best Awards badgeMe and My Shadow has been shortlisted by The Daily Beast for their BEASTBEST Awards and has been described as a place to make a 'good start for eluding the NSA'.

It 'lets you figure out what sort of data footprint is left by your devices and internet access points so you can see how your digital habits affect your privacy.'

Me and My Shadow wins international award

We're delighted to announce that our website Me and My Shadow has been awarded a prestigious international online activism award for the most creative and original website.

English jury member Georgia Popplewell said of the site “Me and My Shadow presents in very playful and visually compelling way a means of allowing online users to see the digital traces that they leave through their online activities – and offers easy solutions to fixing them.” 


The use of the Internet, mobile phones and other digital devices has become integral to our everyday life. Many can't imagine life without a digital presence. However, there is no magic cloak that makes us invisible whilst moving through cyber worlds.

Whenever we use digital devices, surf on the Internet or are active on Facebook or Twitter, we voluntarily leave information about ourselves. More so, our digital adventures often leave large traces about ourselves without our complete understanding of what these are.