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Extracting Equality: a guide

UN Women and Publish What You Pay (PWYP), a global coalition campaigning for an open extractive sector, launched a toolkit this month designed by Tactical Studios, called Extracting Equality – A Guide.

It examines how to approach the issue of gender within the extractive sector.

Designed and produced by Tactical Studios and written by PWYP and UN Women, the guide is the first-ever extractive value chain to combine gender with good governance.

The toolkit is targeted at those involved in the extractive industries sector: community members, civil society organizations, NGOs, oil, gas and mining companies, as well as governments and UN agencies.

“This gender-focused value chain allows stakeholders to appreciate why natural resource governance must be inclusive,” said Winfred Ngabiirwe, National Coordinator for PWYP Uganda.

“Most importantly, it puts women at the centre of the discussions and uses their knowledge and skills for sustainable development along the entire value chain. Women are no longer to be seen as victims of natural resource extraction, but instead as a strong constituency that shapes the world's natural resource governance and management.”